China Energy Fair Fund

File A Claim

If you are a Potentially Eligible Claimant and wish to be eligible for a payment from the China Energy Fair Fund, you must complete and submit a Proof of Claim Form. To obtain a copy of the Proof of Claim Form, please click here. The deadline to submit a timely Proof of Claim Form is June 4, 2019.

You may submit your Proof of Claim Form using one of two methods. Each method is described below, with links to the requirements for each submission. 

Whichever submission method you choose, please note that supporting documentation of the transactions and holdings listed on your Proof of Claim Form is required. Include all required and necessary documentation with your submission. In the event that you submit your Proof of Claim Form online, you must retain the confirmation of such filing, which is provided at the end of the filing process.

If you fail to execute and submit a timely, properly completed and addressed Proof of Claim Form, your claim may be rejected and you may be precluded from any recovery from the Fair Fund.


We recommend you contact the broker/institution where you held your shares and request proof or supporting documentation for your claim.

Submit Your Proof of Claim Online

To submit a Proof of Claim Form online, you must complete the online submission form found here.

It is estimated that this process will take approximately 30 minutes, though it may take longer if you have a large number of transactions. Once you begin the online Proof of Claim Form submission process, you will not be able to save and return to your session.  Your session will time-out after one (1) hour.  If this occurs, you will not be able to  return to that session and you will need to begin a new session to complete the claim submission process.

Please have all necessary information available and be prepared to complete the process at one time. Required documentation may be uploaded in PDF format only, and each file cannot be larger than 1MB in size.

In order to be timely, Proofs of Claim Form must be submitted online by June 4, 2019.

Submit Your Proof of Claim by Mail

To submit a Proof of Claim Form by mail, complete and sign the form in its entirety with all required supporting documentation and mail it, postmarked no later than June 4, 2019, to the Distribution Agent at:

China Energy Fair Fund
c/o KCC, Distribution Agent
P.O. Box 404060
Louisville, KY 40233-4060